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Our Story

Sunflower Education is an Austin, Texas-based publisher of creative educational materials for teachers, parents, and kids.

We are literally a mom-and-pop operation. Mom is Cindy, who designs our books. Pop is Daniel, who conceives them.


Most of our books and lesson plans were inspired by our experiences raising our two girls, Amazing World Records is the result of searching for ways to get the kids excited about different topics. OverlapMaps was the solution to hours sitting on the floor cutting out paper maps.  Actual Size—really our favorite books!—is a collection of countless hours of driveway and playground fun with our girls and their friends.


We are fortunate and very grateful to have many professional teachers, researchers, writers and editors—and other moms and dads!—that help us with this labor of love.


Together, we have more than a century of experience teaching in the classroom, homeschooling, and parenting.


Together, we—like you—share a love for children and learning and that amazing feeling you get when you reach and teach young minds.

Howdy from our backyard in Texas y'all!

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