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The GIANT American History Timeline

Students complete activity sheets and create Giant American History Timelines!

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  • "The books lay out a comprehensive, chronological program that should cover all of the content required for U.S. History....practical for homeschoolers."

  • "They offer a great deal of flexibility as to how many activities to complete and how deeply to delve into reading and research."

  • "Rather than a straight-line timeline, The GIANT American History Timeline books have students create a number of posters with arrows showing their relationships. You can make the timeline simple or you might make it more complex."

  • "Instead of feeding information directly to students, it poses questions and directs student reading in search of answers."

  • "I encourage you to work from The GIANT American History Timeline books as your core since I believe this approach can provide great motivation for students."

"Generally it takes me longer to get to reviewing new items, but the timeline books really caught my attention...."

"I really like The GIANT American History Timeline."

261 Activity Sheets 32 Timeline Plans

Make your own Custom Timelines 

Major American historical periods, events, individuals,

inventions, and ideas from Pre-Colonization to the Present

Parent / Teacher Notes including complete Answer Key

"It’s a game changer, for sure....a wonderful timeline for homeschool families....we’re doing much more than adding pieces to a wall each day....we’re reviewing dates, events, and movements. We’re answering questions, viewing these events from a fresh perspective."
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Parent / Teacher Notes including complete Answer Key

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261 Activity Sheets

32 Timeline Plans

492 Pages

126 Activity Sheets

16 Timeline Plans

249 Pages

135 Activity Sheets

16 Timeline Plans

243 Pages

"This is the in-depth and thorough curriculum we need with the enriching activities our kids want....delivers an engaging invitation to deeply investigate our nation’s history!"
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Creating Giant Timelines is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Students complete activity sheets
  • Each activity sheet focuses on an important date, event, person, place, or idea.

  • Students create and complete maps, charts, graphs, and graphic organizers; analyze primary sources, compare and contrast time periods, and more.

  • Activity sheets incorporate critical thinking skills, including chronological thinking, main idea and details, comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, and more.