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Students complete activity sheets and use them to create a GIANT American History Timeline!


As students’ knowledge grows, so do their Giant Timelines. The result is a gorgeous and satisfying project that showcases their accomplishments and gives them an ongoing review of American history. As kids modify and expand their timelines, they learn American history and the critical thinking skills they will use throughout their lives.


Activity Sheets


  • 126 activity sheets organized into 8 units.
  • Each activity sheet focuses on an important date, event, person, place or idea.
  • Students create and complete maps, complete and extend graphic organizers, analyze primary sources, answer questions, write captions, create graphs, compare and contrast time periods, and more.
  • A variety of formats engage students of all ability levels and learning styles in individual and group work.
  • High-interest activity sheets include Map Study, Biography, A Voice from the Past, Time Machine, and Postcard from the Past.
  • Incorporates critical thinking skills, including chronological thinking, main idea and details, comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, and more.
  • Interdisciplinary activities connect social studies, language arts, science, mathematics, fine arts, and physical education.


The Timeline


  • The GIANT American History Timeline 1 provides a comprehensive picture of all major periods in American history through Reconstruction.
  • Two timeline plans are provided for each unit. One is a basic chronology and the other portrays complex historical developments.
  • You can also customize timelines for any time period, or historical theme, or critical-thinking skill.
  • Create an interactive environment in which stimulating learning experiences are created.


Parent and Teacher Support


•    60 pages of parent and teacher support.

•    16 timeline plans are provided, from the simplest chronology to the complex historical developments.

•    Detailed teaching directions for each unit include Unit Overview, Focus Activities, Constructing the Timeline, Critical Thinking Skills, Individual Activity Sheet Notes, and a Unit Assessment.

•    Complete answer keys for all activity sheets and assessments.




Click Table of Contents on the right for detailed coverage.


•    Introduction

•    Unit 1 Discovery and Exploration: Prehistory–1606

•    Unit 2 Colonial America: 1585–1776

•    Unit 3 The Revolutionary Period: 1765–1783

•    Unit 4 Creating the Constitution: 1781–1803

•    Unit 5 Expanding the Country: 1790–1860

•    Unit 6 An Age of Advancements: 1790–1860

•    Unit 7 Social Issues: 1790–1860

•    Unit 8 The Civil War and Reconstruction: 1850–1877

•    Assessments 

•    Answer Key

The GIANT American History Timeline Book 1: Pre-Colonization-Reconstruction

    • Grades 4 and up
    • 126 Activity Sheets
    • 16 Timeline Plans
    • 60 pages of Parent and Teacher Support
    • Complete Answer Key
    • Aligned with the National Council of Social Studies “Ideal Forms of Social Studies Teaching and Learning”
    • Companion Book to The Giant American History Timeline Book 2
    • 249 pages
    • eBook/PDF Download
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