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We are always happy

to help our customers!

Do your books include answer keys?

Yes! All of our books provide complete answer keys.

Do your books include lesson plans?

Yes! All of our books provide complete lesson plans.

May I copy pages from your books?

Sure! Activity sheets are reproducible for educational use.

Are your books aligned with standards?

Most of them are. Lessons, lesson plans, activities, and activity sheets are correlated to national educational standards issued by the National Council for the Social Studies, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Resource Council, the International Reading Association/National Council of Teachers of English, and others.

However, we are proud to say that we are not standards/Common Core-driven. We focus on creating what works for teachers, parents, and kids—is it fun and educational? Like you, we are driven by giving students experiences and knowledge that create joy and lead to success.

Are your books written by teachers?

Yes! They are also written by parents, kids, and educational publishing experts.

Have the lessons been tested in the classroom?

Yes! Every single activity has been tried (and proven!) by the teacher who created it and by others. Plus, almost all of the activities have been used in homeschool settings. The ideas and activities that didn't work? Well, we don't publish those.

Are you a large corporation, or an imprint of a major publishing house?

Quite the opposite! We are a mom-and-pop. You can learn more about us on our About page.

What is your return policy?

All eBook/PDF sales are final. Printed books purchased from Amazon are returnable under Amazon's policies.

Can I get a discount for classroom sets or other larger orders?

Yes! Please contact us, tell us what you need, and we will give you a generous discount.

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