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ACTUAL SIZE—Create Full-Scale Drawings Right on Your Playground!


“The Actual Size Series provides hands-on activities that maintain student engagement and clear instructions…. a ‘must have’ resource for teachers.”

—Melissa A.


"What a fabulous resource. We had fun with the Actual Size—Science book today. It has been raining non stop the last couple of days so it was nice to get outside for some learning fun. I love that so many subjects are covered including art, math, geography, science and more.”

—Kathy B.

“In reviewing this book, I thought of so many ways these lessons could be  used! This One-Room Schoolhouse really gets my Little House on the Prairie love going :)... With a little imagination and creativity, you could easily use Actual Size—Social Studies for years.”

—Connie T.


“Actual Size makes a great addition to your classroom and your students will love this hands-on learning experience.”

—Christy M.


“Ask any adult to recall something they learned in school and they will most likely tell you an activity they engaged in in a class. When a child is actively involved in learning, they enjoy the learning more and retain the knowledge longer.”

—Lisa P.


“That’s cool! You can really see how big it is.”

—Juan S., 13


"Great product!"

—Matryoshka Mama


"Awesome resource!!! Love it!"

—Donna S.


“Looks fun! Thanks!”

—Angela J.


"I wish I had the Actual Size books when I taught summer school. They’re fantastic!"

—Heather F.


"Kids can interact with the drawings they help create, using all of their senses as they play, pretend, talk, think, and learn."

—Kathy B., Kathy's Cluttered Mind






“It’s hard to imagine another single resource that covers as much important ground as the Amazing World Records books.”

—Jennifer S.

“This [is] a fun resource for my gifted team to use during certain units of study. The activity questions are good to assess whether the student has ‘made meaning’ for him- or herself. Also great homeschool resource”

—Silva E.


"Like this!"

—Beverly Baxter


"Articles are well written. .. Overall, I am satisfied and will get lots of use out of these over the years. Thank you!"

—Drew B.


"Excellent way to integrate a variety of subjects into my science lessons. Thank you!"

—Mary A.



—Cathy B.


"Very good!"

—Annemarie O.


"This is a great resource...thank you!"

—The Poole Pages


"Great addition to my unit! Thanks!"

—Shelby H.


"Very helpful for our Unit on deserts!"

—Kirsten F.


"Kids enjoyed these facts, thanks!"

—Melissa B.


"Thank you! Excellent resource."

—Sebrenia R.


"Good stuff! Thanks."

—Esther V.


"This is a great help. Thanks!"

—David B.


"Thanks! Super helpful for teaching tides."

—Lisa S.


"This was a good item that I could tweak a little for my fourth graders!"

—Ament's Avenue


"Thank you."

—Meg B.



—Karen M.


"Great resource."

—KA G.


"So helpful!"

—Sue W.


"This is a great resource and a great teaching tool! Thank you!"

—Cindy H.


"I liked the reading passages—excellent."

—Melissa H.


"Used this information in my academic lab class. Very informative especially as we enter tornado season here in the Midwest!"

—Nicholas C.



—Mia S.


"Thank you for this. It was awesome!"

Stacy W.


"Very straightforward presentation of information."

—Adam B.


"Great additional activities and information to use for this unit."

—Russell B.


"Great work!"

—James N.


"Great! A++"

—Deanne B.


"Thanks! Just what I needed."

—Abby T.


"So helpful to our trip to the Indiana Dunes National Park!"

—Kristin Y.



—Mary D.



—Debe K.



—Pam M.


"Extremely informative."

—Sara C.



—Liz B.


"Great and FUN products!"

—Patricia P.


"Very interesting for my students!"

—Lindsay M.


"Thank you! This was a big help."

—Christina H.


"These are fabulous worksheets, thank you."

—Donna S.


"Tides are difficult to teach but this helped my students understand them fully."

—Elizabeth S.


"Great resource."

—Liz S.



—Amy D.


"Thank you!"

—Laura T.


"World’s Biggest Cave was great to use within my cave unit!"

—Michele L.



—The Peanut Gallery


"Great to use in conjunction with literacy activities."

—Nancy Q.


"Great resource"

—Brandi L.


"Very useful!"

—Aud S.


"Great resource."

—Diane L.



—Katie S.


"Thanks! Very helpful!"

—Pam S.


"Made teaching about tides SO MUCH easier, thanks."

—Blanca L.


"Great for my weather unit."

—Penny W.



—Kim K.



—Devin L.


"Thank you."

—Gregg M.


"Perfect, thanks!"

—Jody H.


"Excellent resource!"

—Ellen C.


"Great resource! Thanks!"

—Laura A.



—The Dreaming Tree - Education Division


"Great way to cover these topics."

—Barbara K.


"Great job!"

—Angie M.



—Paula F.


"Thank you!"

Heidi L.


"Thank you!"

—Courtney V.




"Just what I have been looking for!"

—Surviving 5th Grade


"This will work well with teaching geography."

—Claudia Wheeler



“Using these recipes for my school potlucks throughout the year. Thank you!!”

—Rebecca Douglas


"This was wonderful!! My students loved eating hardtack; what a great addition to our Civil War unit!"

—Erica D.


"Great discussion starter about how Depression Era economics related to people's daily lives."

—Elizabeth B.


"Looking forward to trying these with kids."

—Marybeth A.


"Using it for our History Units!"

—Sheila R.


“Actually, going to try these potatoes at home for the family!”

—Candace G.


"My students have fun with these activities!"

—Elizabeth K.


"Outstanding! Thanks!"

—Sarah A.


"Kiddos loved this.... used it for math lesson also."

—Josephine A.


"Love the integration these books provide!"

Nicola C.


"Fun combining information on early settlers with cooking food. An eye-opener for my class."

—Gail R.


"These are fabulous."

—Heather S.


“Thank you!”

—Gina M.


“Great resource. I am excited to use this with my students.”

—Cherry K.



—Mindy R.


"Can't wait to try these with my students!"

—Glenette H.


"Excited to use."

—Julie P.


"My students loved creating the recipes!"

—Laverta B.


"Looking forward to making these with my kiddos!"

—Rachel O Donnell


"Thank you."

—Dawn J.



Beverly B.


"I wish there were even more recipes to try."

—Sugar and Sarcasm


"Nice colors in the book design!"

—Kirsten A.



—Janet D.


"My students are very excited to try these out!"

—Carol Ann S.

"Love it!"

—Cynthia AJ V.


“Great idea and very cute presentation….My students enjoyed tasting Civil War food.”

—Susan W.


“Can't wait to try these!”

—Lori W.


"Very neat!"



"Fun! Kids love to eat! :-)"



"Very helpful with my cultures units!"

—Teri E.


"Terrific resource!"

—Cathy A.


"Thank you! Excited to try with the students."

—Sharon L.


"Love this resource!"

—Margaret T.

"Just great!"

—Kelley C.


"My kids are looking forward to trying some of these recipes!"

—Lindsey J.


"Creative resource!"

—Kristen H.


"Genuine hardtack! This is perfect. Thanks!"

—Heather N.


“What a wonderful resource!”

—Randal R.


“Great recipes for someone just starting to learn how to cook.”

—Jessica L.


WHO AM I? Fun Guessing Games About 100 Famous Americans in History!


"These are perfect for the classroom with so many different posters!"

—A N.


"I use the ‘Who Am I?’ activities as a catalyst for our unit on biographies of early American leaders."

—Heather F.



—Michele C.


"Wonderful product!"

—Deanna H.



—Katherine S.


"Love it! Thanks!"

—Mary U.



—Kevin M.


"This was a perfect addition to a unit I was doing! Thanks!"

—Christine D.



—Beverly B.


"Perfect for Famous People with first grade South Carolina standards!"

—Christy F.


"Great for so many things!"



"Thank you."

—Meri R.


"Good. Thank you!"

—Jennifer V.



—Victoria G.


"How fun! Thank you!"

—Adrienne C.


“The lessons are extremely teacher-friendly and require minimal materials for completion.”

—Melissa A.


“I like the [I Am…] posters because each one says, ‘Here’s something you probably don’t know about me.’ It’s always something interesting. Some of them are funny.”

—Zoe M., 14


“Our group got to do the Who Am I? games and I thought it was cool that Coronado got to see the Grand Canyon.”

—Dave L., 12, Rochester, New York


THE LITERARY TERMS HANDBOOK: A Source of Definitions, Examples, and Exercises


"Thanks for sharing!"

—Lori C.


"Thank you! Very Useful!"

—Deb K.

“A lot of the kids in American Lit said The Literary Terms Handbook was really helpful to them.”

—Kate B., 17



—Kim R.


"Wonderful resource."

—Mimi A.


"Just what I was looking for!"

—Combo Craze


"Very thoughtful."

—Angela J.


"Excellent supplement."

—Kathleen A.


"Thanks for sharing this resource."

—Davina H.


"Will be using this next semester."

—Pamela W.



—Deborah Beasley


“Thank you!”

—Innovative Learning Center


"Thanks! This is great."

—Samantha H.


"Thank you!"

—Kathy L.


“Exceptionally helpful resource.”

—Teresa J.

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