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Create FULL-SCALE Drawings Right on Your Playground!


10 Accurate Blueprints  • 10 Complete Lesson Plans


Dinosaurs • Blue Whale • Giant Squid • Sharks • Polar Bear • Bison (American Buffalo) • Elephant • Condor • Biggest Snakes • Biggest Spider


Create full-scale drawings using easy-to-follow directions and blueprints. You can just talk about dinosaurs—or draw a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex! Kids can just read about pythons—or see how many steps it takes to walk the length of one! Imagine the impact when kids can create a life-sized blue whale drawn on the driveway or playground!

Grades K and Up. 


ACTUAL SIZE—SCIENCE: Big Animals! is excerpted from ACTUAL SIZE—SCIENCE.

Actual Size—Science: BIG ANIMALS! 10 Blueprints and Lesson Plans

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