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Create FULL-SCALE Drawings Right on Your Playground!


14 Accurate Blueprints • 14 Complete Lesson Plans


Roman Roads • Viking Ship • Conestoga Wagon • Prairie Schooner • The Santa Maria • The Mayflower • The Clermont • Locomotives, Then and Now • The Wright Flyer • First Aircraft • Mercury Capsule • International Space Station • Longest Train • Largest Truck


Easy-to-follow directions and blueprints guide you in creating lessons your kids will never forget! You can just talk about amazing feats in transportation history—or create life-size models of a Conestoga Wagon and the Wright Flyer! Guaranteed to wow kids (and adults!) with unforgettable images and lessons.

Grades K and Up. 


ACTUAL SIZE—SOCIAL STUDIES: Historic Transportation is excerpted from ACTUAL SIZE—SOCIAL STUDIES.


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