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A great way to teach weather! Capture students' imagination with a jaw-dropping world record and then build on that interest to teach core ideas.

For example, a lesson on the world's greatest rainfall (it's 73.62 inches—in one day!) leads to activities in which students construct rain gauges, record rainfall, and learn about the types of liquid precipitation. Students learn what makes weather, construct their own barometers, model the Coriolis Effect, apply the Beaufort scale, explain how snowflakes form, and conduct dozens of other high-interest activities.

Amazing World Records of Weather includes a rich assortment of topics: 
World’s Sunniest Place • World’s Hottest Place • World’s Highest Temperature • World’s Coldest Place • World’s Lowest Temperature • World’s Highest Air Pressure • World’s Lowest Air Pressure • World’s Windiest Place • World’s Highest Wind Speed • World’s Wettest Place • World’s Greatest Rainfall • World’s Greatest Snowfall • World’s Driest Place • World’s Foggiest Place • World’s Heaviest Hail • World’s Deadliest Hurricane • World’s Worst Tornado • World’s Worst Flood • World’s Worst Weather Disaster • World’s Worst Weather

Amazing World Records of Weather—20 Innovative, Easy-to-Integrate Lesson Plans

    • Grades 5-9
    • 110 Pages
    • 60 Reproducible Activity Sheets
    • Hands-On Projects
    • Teaching Guides
    • Complete Answer Key
    • Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association
    • Part of the Amazing World Records Series of Books
    • eBook/PDF Download
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