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9 Fun Activities for Columbus Day

Grades 2-7

Activities include:
Drawing the Santa Maria in ACTUAL SIZE!
Making authentic recipes that the explorers ate.
Cooking real Native American foods.
Learning about the Columbian Exchange.


Excerpted from Sunflower Education's most popular books!

Columbus Day Activities for Kids

    • Grades 2-7
    • 9 Fun Activities
    1. Draw the Santa Maria in ACTUAL SIZE. Worksheet and Blueprint.
    2. Age of Exploration Recipe: Roasted Tomato Sauce
    3. Age of Exploration Recipe: Pineapple Tatin
    4. Native American Recipe: Banaha
    5. Native American Recipe: Succotash
    6. Native American Recipe: Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
    7. Amazing World Records of History: The Columbian Exchange. 3 Worksheets and Activities
    • 27 Pages
    • eBook/PDF Download
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