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Cooking Up Some American History cookbook includes a rich assortment of recipes in the following categories:
Native American Foods • Spanish Colonial Fare • English Colonial Dishes • Foods of the Revolutionary War • Dining in Young America • Staying Fed on the Frontier • Foods Out of Africa • Soldiers’ Mess: The Civil War and Reconstruction • Foods of the Gilded Age and the Industrial Revolution • Dishes of World War I • Surviving the Great Depression • Foods of World War II • American Fare: the 1950s • The 1960s • The 1970s • Modern Meals


Finally, authentic historical recipes designed for classroom use! Turn children’s love of food into a love of American history. This unique cookbook provides authentic recipes in historical contexts, adding flavor to learning. One of Sunflower Education's most popular books!

Combine cooking and eating with new information and you have the perfect recipe for retention. A lesson about the Civil War is a lot more memorable if you do it while nibbling on some authentic hardtack!

Recipes are historically accurate. There is a nice mix of snack foods, entrees, and even historically accurate desserts. Want to know what George Washington’s favorite breakfast was? Or what wealthy Spanish colonists ate for a treat? The answers and actual recipes are right here!

Grades PreK-6


Companion book to Cooking Up Some World History.

Cooking Up Some American History! 50 Authentic, Easy-to-Make Recipes

    • Grades Pre-K- 6
    • 86 Pages
    • 50 Kid-Friendly Recipes!
    •  Printed to Fit 4" x 6" Recipe Cards
    • 12 Colorful Safety Posters
    • Vegetarian Dishes Simplify Preparation
    • Historical Contexts and Classroom Connections
    • Part of the Cooking Up Some History Cookbook Series
    • eBook/PDF Download
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