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Simply the best graphic organizers for social studies.on the planet


More than diagrams, these graphic organizers are thoughtfully designed and beautifully illustrated learning tools that focus on key concepts.


Each includes notes for educators, including Objectives, Teaching Tips, and Discussion Questions.


Please look at the sample pages and review the contents, listed below.

Research has proven what teachers and parents have long known: graphic organizers are terrific tools for teaching and learning social studies.


Grades 5 and up.



Research and Standards

Teaching Notes

Graphic Organizers

Culture (Anthropology)

1. What Is Culture?

2. Cultural Diversity

3. An Ethnography

4. Diversity in Your Community 

Time, Continuity, and Change (History)

5. Comparing and Contrasting Then and Now

6. Major Periods in American History

7. Answering Questions About a Historical Period

8. Major Events in American History

9. Answering Questions About a Historical Event

People, Places, and Environment (Geography)

10. How to Read a Map

11. Locating a Place

12. Characteristics of a Place or Region

13. Profile of a Natural Feature

14. “The Three Rs”

Individual Development and Identity (Psychology)

15. Biographical Profile

16. Biographical Time Line 

17. Overcoming Personal Obstacles

18. Comparing and Contrasting Two Individuals

Individuals, Groups, and Institutions (Sociology)

19. The American Population

20. The Family

21. Major Steps in the Fight for Equal Rights

22. Women in the United States

Power, Authority, and Governance (Political Science)

23. Representative Democracy in the United States

24. Amending the Constitution

25. Checks and Balances in the Federal Government

26. Federalism in the United States

27. Profile of a Local Government

28. Profile of a Historical Political Party

29. Comparing and Contrasting the Two Major Political Parties

30. Profile of a Public Figure

Production, Distribution, and Consumption (Economics)

31. Factors of Production 

32. The Business Cycle

33. Becoming a Wise Consumer

Science, Technology, and Society (Multidisciplinary)

34. The Difference Between Science and Technology

35. Profile of a Technology

36. Causes and Effects of an Invention

37. Costs and Benefits of a Technology 

Global Connections (Multidisciplinary)

38. Global Economy 

39. International Communication

40. Internet

41. The United Nations

Civic Ideals and Practices (Civics)

42. Citizenship

43. Duties and Responsibilities of Citizenship

44. Rights of Citizenship 

Additional Graphic Organizers and Templates

45. Personal Social Studies Glossary

46. K-W-L Chart

47. Major Idea and Details 

48. Six Research Questions

49. A Current Event 

50. Debating an Issue 

51. Time Line Template

52. United States Outline Map

53. World Outline Map

54. Bar Graph Template

55. Line Graph Template

56. Circle Graph Template

57. Venn Diagram Template

58. Triple Venn Diagram Template

Graphic Organizers for Social Studies

    • Grades 5 and Up
    • 90 Pages
    • 58 Graphic Organizers
    • Key Social Studies concepts
    • Teacher support, including Objectives, Teaching Tips, and Discussion Questions
    • Proven results for students
    • Part of the Graphic Organizers Series
    • eBook/PDF Download—just print out what you need!
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