top of page is a website that takes a map of one part of the globe and overlaps it on a different part of the globe. It is a fascinating digital tool for learning about the world.

Every day thousands of people from around the world use OverlapMaps has been popular with homeschoolers and in schools for years.

Now the people behind have created an activity eBook to accompany the website.

Using this eBook, kids can make OverlapMaps and learn about continents, oceans, nation-states, and more!

• 10 major activities
• 30+ questions and writing prompts
• complete answer key
• ages 8 and up

A great companion to a great website! Activity eBook

    • Grades 3 and Up
    • 58 Pages
    • 10 Major Activities
    • 30+ Questions and Writing Prompts
    • Complete Answer Key
    • eBook/PDF Download
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