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29 Literary Terms

58 Pages of Activity Sheets

Complete Answer Key


Complete definition, description, examples, and exercises for the following 29 literary terms:

Allegory • Alliteration • Allusion • Analogy • Assonance • Atmosphere • Ballad • Characterization • Couplet • Figurative Language • Foreshadowing • Imagery • Inversion • Irony • Metaphor • Meter • Onomatopoeia • Personification • Plot (Exposition, Conflict, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution) • Point of View • Refrain • Rhyme • Rhythm • Simile • Sonnet • Style • Symbolism • Theme • Tone


Literary terms are the building blocks of literature. Give students a firm grasp of them with this well thought out handbook that features an in-depth look at 29 literary terms. Each lesson follows an easy-to-use format: a definition of the term is followed by a discussion using two excellent examples in prose or poetry. Questions promote and ensure understanding. A writing exercise for each term provides an opportunity for application. Gives students the knowledge and experience to interpret literature with confidence!

Grades 9-12.


Meets National Council of Teachers of English/International Reading Association Standards for the English Language Arts.

The Literary Terms Handbook: A Source of Definitions, Examples, and Exercises

    • Grades 8-12
    • 100 Pages
    • 29 Literary Terms
    • 58 Activity Sheets
    • Meets NCTE/IRA Standards
    • Complete Answer Key
    • eBook/PDF Download
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