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A complete lesson about the world's coldest place that begins with an AMAZING WORLD RECORD OF WEATHER—

The World's Coldest Place—Polyus Nedostupnosti, Antarctica

The world record wows students and the following activities build on their interest.
• The World's Coldest Place 
• The Dangers of Cold 
• Folklore for Cold and Snow

Includes teaching guide and answer key.

Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association.

WORLD'S COLDEST PLACE is excerpted from AMAZING WORLD RECORDS OF WEATHER, which provides this and 20 other similar lesson sets.

Amazing World Record of Weather: COLDEST PLACE—Worksheets and Activities

    • Grades 5-9
    • 8 Pages
    • 3 Reproducible Activity Sheets
    • Hands-On Projects
    • Teaching Guides
    • Complete Answer Key
    • Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association
    • Part of the Amazing World Records Series of Books
    • eBook/PDF Download
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